Customer Studies

Sometimes data logging of: lighting, temperatures, humidity, and utility meters tell us things that are not readily apparent.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Eco Energy Solutions analyzes your data to identify problems, formulate solutions and compare options.

Utility Benchmark

Your building and utilities are compared to similar buildings in our climate.

Your Staff

is often a valuable source of information on what needs improvement.

Utility Audit

We perform a utility audit on your facility to identify energy/utility investment opportunities.

Maintenance Manager

We work with your maintenance staff to develop appropriate solutions for your business and your site.

FREE: walk through energy audit: lighting, heating ventilating, cooling, water conservation facts, building envelope, renewable energy opportunities, utility rate adjustments, indoor air quality, Energy Star Rating.

Energy Audit, water conservation facts,
Project management - installation of investment grade utility improvements in Minneapolis