Your roof is currently an expense and does not provide any revenue.

The snow on your roof is turned to water by lost heat that you paid for.

Your windows currently provide a challenge to temperature control.

You have appliances that must be vented because they overheat the space or overload the cooling system.

You currently purchase electricity at a standard rate.

Your new system makes you eligible to purchase electricity at a much lower tariff rate.

Your new system keeps your hard earned heat inside the building.

Your new system enables you to zone control all of the spaces separately, even the sunny and shady spaces.

Your new system makes your roof/yard a revenue generating center.


Your old furnace/boiler makes heat.

Your new furnace/boiler makes electricity and heat.

Your old electrical system is completely dependent on the electric grid and centralized generating plants.

Your new electrical system powers your building even when the grid is down.

Your new electrical system generates enough electricity that you sometimes get a check from the electric company instead of a bill.

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Energy Conservation in Minneapolis

Energy Saving in Minneapolis


Your old ventilation system brings in cold-dry air in the winter and hot-moist air in the summer.

Your old ventilation system is drafty and doesn't provide zone control.

Your old ventilation system works all night even when you don't need it.

Your old ventilation system breaks down frequently and consumes a lot of gas/propane and electricity.

The blower on your old ventilation system is noisy and only has one speed.

Your new ventilation system recognizes that humans need fresh air.

Your new ventilation system recognizes when everyone has gone home.

Your new ventilation system warns you when unhealthy levels of harmful gasses build up in the space.

Your new ventilation system is powered by renewable energy.

Your new ventilation system is speed controlled and zone controlled.

Your new HVAC system is programmable on your smart phone or computer.

Your new HVAC system sends you a text when it needs your attention.


Your old lighting system makes more heat than light and the lamps burn out frequently.

Your old lighting system loses a lot of light energy in the fixture.

Your new lighting system uses only 10% to 50% of the electricity that the old system used.

Your new lighting system lamps last over 50,000 hours.

Your new lighting system only shines where you need the light.

Your new lighting system dims or turns off when there is enough sunlight in the space.

Your new lighting system turns off automatically when not needed.

Your new lighting system changes color to suit your mood.


High Efficiency Cooling Systems for Forced air or Hydronic systems.

Your old system uses electricity from the grid and 65% of the energy in the coal is currently lost to the atmosphere.

Your old system causes you very high capacity charges on your electric bill in the Cooling season that continue on into the heating season.

Your new system uses "free" electricity from the sun and sinks heat into the ground for use next winter.


High Efficiency Heating Systems for Forced air, Hydronic and Steam Boilers. 

Your old system loses 20% to 30% up the chimney. 

Your old system is confused about what it should do in the spring and fall. Some zones are too hot, some are too cold.

Your new system might only lose 5% up the chimney.

Your new system takes heat from the ground or another "free" source that "pumps" out 40% more heat than you purchased.

This customer used to turn off their lights manually when no one was in the store to save energy.

This retrofit saved 

50% on their lighting bill!

We help with: the savings math, the financing, the product selection, the installation/contractor selection, the utility rebates, the Federal, State and Local tax equity/incentives, and we help to follow up and benchmark your progress.

Energy Saving in Minneapolis

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Water Fixtures

Your current water fixtures consume water even when no one is there.

Your current water fixtures sound like Niagara Falls when you flush.

Your current water fixtures sometimes require a second flush.

Your current water fixtures keep your maintenance person so busy that they don't have time for other work orders.

Your new water fixtures flush the first time.

Your new water fixtures average 30% reduction in water/sewer costs.

Your new water fixtures do not consume water when no one is there.

Your new water fixtures are quiet.

Your new water fixtures seldom generate a work order.

Your maintenance person goes on a well deserved vacation without worrying.